Overwatch Review


Blizzard Entertainment has a long history of creating beloved franchises for the first time in 17 years the company has released a new IP in a genre they’ve never tackled before it’s a team-based first person shooter called over watch . The game is filled with deep tactical strategy that gets more enthralling over …

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Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End

uncharted 4 A The Thief's End cover

Right here reviewing today Uncharted for thief’s in Nathan drake is a man who is executed the not possible in his Lifetime .He observed the hidden metropolis of El Dorado Ageless creatures on the fountain of adolescents and even found some very precious Treasure .As time went on although he one of these …

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Injustice Gods Among Us


Here is the short review of Injustice gods among us for PC which is a fighting game based on DC Comic Book’s characters . It is Created by NetherRealm Studio and published by Warner Bros. and Interactive Studios.It was released for Microsoft Windows,PlayStation,Xbox,IOS,Android. As it is a one-on-one fighting game …

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Ghost Buster ( 2016) Review

ghostbuster cover

The Ghost Buster game 2016 starts with a frustratingly slow scroll through a bunch of legal jargon that could have easily been put in a manual and then on to a very bland main menu with a classic ghost busters thing they could have you something from the new movie but the …

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review

mirror edge catalyst cover

Those are my first impressions of mirror’s facet catalyst evolved by using cube EA and it’s made within the Frostbite engine and as a result it seems and sounds the sport’s visuals are very a whole lot the same as the unique recreation lots of shiny shades brilliant cool futuristic skylines …

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Mortal Kombat X Review


Mortal Kombat 10 or Mortal Kombat X created by NetherRealm Studios,who developed the preceding Mortal Kombat games. Mortal Kombat launched in April 2015 for Playstation 4,Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Like all the other games in the series Mortal Kombat is a one on one fighting game.The story of the …

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Batman Arkham Knight Review


Batman Arkham Knight is the fourth game of the famous franchise series Batman Arkham. Batman Arkham Knight is third person shooter Action and adventure game developed by Rocksteady Studios and published, by Warner Bros and Interactive Entertainment. The game Released for multiple platform such as the PlayStation 4, XBox One, …

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Need For Speed (2015) Review

Need_for_Speed_2015 (1)

Need For Speed (2015) is reboot of franchise series Need For Speed.It was developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Art.The game was released for PlayStation 4,X Box in Nov 2015.Later on in March 2016 it was released for windows. Need For Speed (2015) is an open world action …

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Tom Clancy’s The Division Review


Tom Clancy’s The Division is the mixture of third person shooter and role-playing video game developed and published by Ubisoft.The game released for Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Story of game is set on after the event of Black Friday in which most of the people of New …

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Divinity Original Sin(Enhanced Edition) Review


Divinity Original Sin is a turn-based fantasy RPG released in 2014 by Larian studios.Divinity original sin Enhanced Edition is an updated version of that game featuring a variety of improvements.Here my first impressions of the changes offered in the game.First first let s talk about the new technician difficulty mode …

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